[R602R, Val Thorens] has invested €1.5 million to create a special ski area for beginners that stretches over 10 hectares. Skiers can access this zone for free in order to get comfortable on their skis before spending money on a pass.

The resort has installed four high-speed magic carpets, making it easier and more convenient for beginners to get to the snow front. These lifts lead to special areas that have been set aside, away from experienced, high-speed skiers.

The Castor and Pollux lifts are two twinned carpets inside a single 240-metre-long tunnel. Both can move up to 3000 skiers per hour, which is a new record in France.

The Musaraigne and Campagnols carpets measure 200 metres in length. They are located in the Grenouillère de Péclet zone and each runs towards its own beginner ski area.

These four new magic carpets also allow skiers to easily travel to the upper parts of the resort, where the first green and blue runs are located.

Val Thorens offers 10 green slopes and 27 blue slopes for beginning and low level skiers. The resort sells a beginners' pass which allows skiers to use the 2 Lacs chairlift and the Cairn/Caron gondola lift. This pass costs half the price of a regular day or half-day pass.

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