[R184R, Hunter Mountain] in the Catskills of New York State is installing the Kaatskill Flyer Six Pack, a new high-speed six-passenger chairlift to carry skiers and riders from base to summit.

Lift towers were moved into place last month with helicopters.

The area is engaged in what might be called "musical lifts" as the six-pack will replace the Snowlite Express quad, which will be rebuilt and moved to Hunter West, where it will replace the resort's Z and Y lifts.

Hunter is investing $14 million in the lift projects.

Hunter's summit is 3,200 feet above sea level, with a 1,600 foot vertical drop, 240 acres of skiable terrain, 11 lifts, and 55 trails.

Snowmaking remains the heart of winter operations at Hunter.

The area can pump 43 gallons per minute per acre, driven by nine compressors that can produce 60,000 cubic feet per minute of air, and cover one acre of terrain with one foot of snow every hour. A tour of the snowmaking plant was a step back in time, as most of Hunter's huge compressors date back to the early 20th century. The plant has one modern compressor, with the next newest made in 1946 and the oldest more than a century old. All but the newest had seen previous uses; one, for example, came from the Philadelphia Gas & Electric Co., and had pushed natural gas to customers in that city. Another was from a U.S. Navy shipyard.

Hunter deploys about 1,100 snow guns of various types, with up to 300 firing at peak capacity, as it turns about 500 million gallons of water into snow every season.

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