So, you think you know something about skiing? Here's your chance to prove it. has learned Jack Turner, producer of the wacky Cheap Ski Movie, has teamed with Powder Magazine to conduct a movie trivia contest with the winner taking home $40,365.79 in cash. Turner told OnTheSnow Monday that the first person to correctly answer 100 trivia questions, based on the movie and the history of skiing and snowboarding, will win it all.

"A dozen filmmakers lay claim to the best movie every year," Turner said. "The cinematography, locations, athletes, editing, and graphics are amazing. We took a fresh approach and staked out the low ground for the common man."

Cheap Ski Movie was two years in the making and Turner will be actively promoting it as "the worst ski movie ever made." He may be right, but this editor who has endured countless ski flicks, also found it sidesplittingly funny in parts, probably because it is so absurd. The truth, as Turner jokes, is somewhere in between: a cross between Wayne's World and Warren Miller unplugged.

"We're confident in our claim," Turner said.  "So far we've been rejected by every film festival, but we're still hoping for a breakthrough."

The odd number for the purse comes from Turner's argument that the movie "is so bad that we're offering folks $10 per running second to watch it - that's how we came up with the $40,365.79 prize."

The contest will officially begin Jan. 11, 2011, but 50 clues will be released in advance by Powder Magazine. Five questions will be announced every week from Sept. 1, 2010 on the Powder Web site. No purchase is required to enter, but there are rules and restrictions.

Cheap Ski Movie, available now for purchase as a DVD, and soon to be shown via a national tour, has cameo appearances by some of the ski world's biggest names. Several are very funny and all are, most certainly, offbeat.

Olympic champion Phil Mahre plays a polygamist in a segment on Utah family skiing. Miller appears as "the filmmaker formerly known as Warren Miller, courtesy of the FBI witness protection program."

Other stars include Jonny Moseley as a movie mogul, Glen Plake, Billy Kidd, and X Games Champion Jen Hudak as the lead singer. A "sensuous" segment on a tubing hill may be the film's most inspired few moments. Previews of that segment and several others are available at the Cheap Ski Movie Web site. 

"The $40,365.79 contest is our way of spending sponsor money on the audience rather than going to places that 99.99 percent of us will never ski anyway," Turner said.