[R593R, Les 2 Alpes] has been making improvements to its ski area since early summer. Three new projects are underway and should be completed in time for winter opening: a new chairlift, revised signposts, and improved avalanche safety.

The resort is currently installing a new chairlift, the Sautet lift, that will link the Toura domain to the la Fée sector. This fixed four-place lift is a product of the Pomagalski company and can transport up to 2000 skiers per hour. The end of the works and tests are planned for the end of October 2010. 

Les 2 Alpes is also setting up a new signposting system over the entire ski domain. The old signs had become, over time, obsolete and even illegible in some parts of the station. The Deux Alpes Loisirs company thus decided to invest one million euros to replace 500 signposts, 160 intersection poles, and more than a dozen gates.

The resort also wanted to make it easier for skiers to find their way around. The pistes will now have the same name as the lift used to access them. Also, it is possible to read the new signs from up to 80 metres away.  

Lastle, Les 2 Alpes has installed two new Catexes at the la Fée and the Thuit sectors. A Catex allows a piste professional to manually set off an avalanche from a tower. By deciding when to create an avalanche, it makes the environment more secure for the trail finders to explore afterwards and to reduce the risks they may face.

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