Season and specialty pass prices announced this week for Wyoming's [R191R, Jackson Hole Resort] have been restructured for winter 2010-11. Winners are local and regional skiers and riders, and destination travelers who can plan their winter vacations this summer.

Resort President Jerry Blann calls the restructuring "a value proposition - we have not seen prices this low in well over two decades, prior to $110 million in improvements, including the new tram, Bridger Gondola, and many other amenities." Access for all passes is unlimited.

The hidden gem for winter vacationers who plan well ahead is in the new Peak Packs. These include options for 10 days, 20 days, or weekends only.

Buy an adult 10 Pack pass for $589 in August 2010, for example, use it on your winter vacation, and you will ski for slightly under $60 per day. (Senior 10 Packs are $385). The packs can be used all season any day - including weekends and holidays. A 20 Pack costs $1,015 (seniors at $660); Weekend Pack $789 (seniors at $520).

Ticket window price for a full day adult ticket from Dec. 19 through April 4 is $91, while window price for a 10 of 14 days ticket comes out at $86, both unchanged from last winter, so the savings is considerable for those who buy in August.

The Grand Pass provides local and regional skiers and riders with unrestricted access for the entire 128-day season - again, no restrictions - for $1,255, a 25 percent reduction from last winter. A Youth Grand Pass (ages 6-14) is $149; Student Grand Pass (ages 15-18) is $275; Senior Grand Pass (ages 65 and over on opening day) is $815. The youth, student, and senior passes offer the same access the adult version. All passes include free START bus access.

That means adults who have the opportunity to ski every day of the season can do so for under $10 per day. Grabbing a before-work, lunchtime, or "last tram" run no longer means using up days.

Watch the deadlines carefully: The above prices are only available from Aug. 1-31, 2010. There will still be some breaks with "pre-season pricing" through Nov. 26, but the junior and student Grand Pass cannot be purchased after Oct. 16 and the adult grand pass prices rises by an additional $315. The adult 10 Pack goes up by $150.