The British Columbia Safety Authority has issued an order calling for refitting all of the province's ski lift towers with drain holes, according to The Canadian Press. Compliance is expected by Nov 1, 2010.

The order stems from an accident in December 2008 when six gondola cars fell from the Excalibur line at [R493R, Whistler] after a tower partially collapsed. Most of the injuries were bumps and bruises, though one passenger suffered a broken vertebra.

The Safety Authority report on the incident, conducted over a 16-month period, claimed the collapse was caused because "water seeped in and then ripped it apart when it froze." The phenomenon is known as "ice jacking."

Doug Forseth, Whistler Blackcomb's senior vice president of operations, told the news service the resort had been informed of progress in the study and has already put drain holes in its several hundred towers.