Jack Carroll, maitre d' at Cuzzins Bar in the main base lodge at [R255R, Mount Snow], serves as a very public face of the popular resort.

Carroll has worked at Mount Snow, on and off, since 1982.

He has been in the restaurant, on the Ski Patrol, and in the clinic.

"They put me out front because I'm the oldest, and because I know everyone in North America," Carroll said to one guest on a recent visit.

He launched into one of his many favorite jokes: "Did you hear about the bank robber? He robbed this bank, and on the way out stopped in front of a crowd of people. ‘Did you see what I just did,' he asked one man. ‘Yes,' the man replied, and the robber shot him. ‘Did YOU see what I did,' he asked another man. ‘No,' that man said, ‘but my wife did'."

Carroll is one of many across snow country who are, in the minds of resort guests, the personality of so many areas.

Hubert Schriebel at [R430R, Stratton], a world-class mountaineer and top-notch photographer, is well-known to many who frequent that fine Vermont resort.

Bob Rivers and Scott Hodgkins on the lifts at [R488R, Wachusett], and Dana Peltola in the area's Ski Watch, have worked there for years, and are old friends with so many skiers and riders.

The welcome begins in the parking lots, continues in the lift ticket lines, moves into the base lodges and lift lines, and onto the trails.

All play important roles in the experience that guests remember long after their visits.