Portaski is a ski carrying device to take the weight off your shoulders.

The lightweight, pocket-sized device carries up to 70 percent of the weight of your skis and is easy to attach. With its ergonomic design and patented wheel-sled, Portaski allows you to transport skis easily on roads, ice, or snow.  

The device is particularly handy if your accommodation is a fair walk from the slopes or if you have children.

Portaski based in Barnsley is the invention of Yorkshire businessman and former farmer, Mike Johnston, who spent several years designing the gadget.

Mike told OnTheSnow, "It all started when a friend of mine took his two kids on a skiing holiday and ended up carrying his own as well as both the kids' skis and poles while slogging through the snow in his ski boots."

Portaski is easy to attach: remove the tray from handle, put ski tails on tray and secure with adjustable Velcro straps, attach the handle and use.

The device is suitable for skis of all sizes and is now available at a reduced end-of-season rate, for £19.95, including postage and packaging.

Portaski has been available in the past, but it now has a new and improved design.

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