The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships wound up this past week, with the world's best snowboarders competing in half pipe, slopestyle and rail jam at [R430R, Stratton Mountain Resort].

Kelly Clark of Vermont won the women's half pipe competition at Stratton on Saturday, the first woman in U.S. Open history to win four half pipe titles. Americans dominated in the event, with Kaitlyn Farrington second, Ellery Hollingsworth third, and Hannah Teter fourth. Clark and Teter are both Olympic medalists.

Kazuhiro Kokubo of Japan won the men's half pipe event. Louis Vito of the U.S. came in second. Shaun White took practice runs, wearing a bib, but did not compete.

European riders Mikkel Bang of Norway and Sina Candrian of Switzerland won the slopestyle event on Friday.

Finland's Peetu Piiroinen won the men's Burton global Open Series title and the men's Swatch TTR World Tour Championship, worth $50,000 apiece in prize money. Enni Rukajarvi, also of Finland, won the women's BGOS championship, good for $50,000. The championships are determined by overall results in the four Burton Global Open Series events, with Stratton's the last.

Piiroinen, silver medalist in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, has won the BGOS and TTR titles twice.

The U.S. Open is the longest running snowboard event on the planet, in its 28th year, 25 of them at Stratton Mountain in Vermont's Green Mountains.

The event took place this year in spectacular weather, with bright sun and blue skies right through the week.

During half pipe practice, competitors would make runs through the pipe and walk back uphill on the deck, pausing briefly to chat with spectators, high-five young fans, and watch others make their runs.

The base of the Sunbowl took on a carnival air with bright tents, pennants, tables of food and swag, and hundreds of happy spectators soaking up the sun and watching the riders on a huge movie screen.