[R416R, Spirit Mountain Recreation Area], overlooking Duluth and Lake Superior from its lofty perch along the ridge above the city, will be opening its newest attraction in July.

The Timber Twister is a year-round alpine coaster, and it's the only one in the Heartland.  There are only four others currently in operation in the U.S., which makes this a very distinctive attraction. 

The Twister's 3,300-foot track allows you to race down the mountain, through the forest in individual coaster cars.  Riders can travel alone or in pairs.  The rider controls the speed, which can reach up to 26 mph on the downhill run. 

It's not your typical Alpine Slide, which can be found at other Midwest ski resorts.  This coaster runs on an elevated track - like a roller coaster - and makes hairpin turns.  With perhaps a few weather exceptions, say like a blizzard, the Timber Twister will operate year-round; unlike an Alpine Slide, which is strictly a summer operation. 

At the end of the ride down the mountain, a 700-foot vertical drop, guests will settle back in their cars for a comfortable and scenic return back to the top.  The complete experience, according to Spirit's executive director, Renee Mattson, will take about six minutes.

"It will be a thrilling experience for our guests and bring a whole new level of summer business to Spirit.  It should bring many new travelers to the area, and be a nice attraction for those visiting Duluth in the summer.  It brings us one step closer to becoming the year-round recreation area Spirit was intended to be," she enthused.

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