Mt. Hood - that striking 11,249-foot glaciated peak visible from Portland - draws skiers and riders almost year round for its long season on the Palmer Snowfield. Resorts clustered around it run lifts late in spring while Timberline continues skiing through summer.

[R274R, Mt, Hood Meadows] announced its final day of the season as April 25; however, the resort typically adds on more days at the last minute to extend skiing and riding into May. The decision to add on May skiing depends on what spring storms deliver.

[R275R, Mt. Hood Skibowl], which usually operates its lifts until mid-April, plans to run as long as possible this spring. The resort opens for summer with over 20 activities available including scenic chairlift rides, lift-accessed mountain biking, an alpine slide, a rock climbing wall, several types of bungees, hiking, and horseback rides. Mountain bikers can access 40 miles of trails. The summer season runs daily from mid-June through Labor Day with weekend operations beginning Memorial Day and in September.

[R470R, Timberline], which sits the highest on Mt. Hood, runs lifts for skiing and snowboarding through late spring, but hours drop to 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. until May 31.The resort sells a season pass valid March through May 31 for $99 or $109 depending on date of purchase.

The resort becomes an international destination for summer skiing. The Palmer Snowfield sits above treeline at Mt. Hood where it offers summer skiing and riding daily starting June 1 for those with at least advanced intermediate skills. Most of the terrain consists of lanes rented for ski camps, but the public can ski or ride on at least one lane, if not more. Summer lift hours run 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. through Sept. 6. The resort cranks up two lifts-usually Magic Mile and Palmer--depending on weather and snow conditions. Lift tickets cost $54 in summer.

More information: Meadows, 503-337-2222; Skibowl, 503-272-3206; Timberline, 503-272-3158.