[R117R, Courchevel] has just launched a new iPhone application that skiers can download for free on the Apple App Store Web site. The application is available in French and English and gives 'real time' information on several aspects of the resort.

Clicking on the "Weather" icon of course gives current weather conditions and a seven-day forecast, but it also indicates snow cover, avalanche risks, and the number of pistes and lifts open.

The "Ski Area" icon leads to a map of the resort, a list of freshly groomed pistes, and the location of altitude restaurants. This function also has a very practical purpose, which shows skiers exactly where they are in the resort and which runs they can choose from. This function could potentially be a life-saver; It lets lost skiers connect directly with rescue services without having to look up the phone number.

For skiers looking for a place to eat, shop, or sleep, there is the "Ski Resort" icon. This one has contact information and addresses for all the resort's facilities, as well as direct links to their Web sites. A situation button lets users see exactly where the establishment is located on a map of the resort.

"We wanted to offer our clients an extra service, in addition to those already available," explains the Courchevel Press Service. "It's practical and fun at the same time and will make our clients' lives a little easier."

The "My Ski" function is indeed fun. Before hitting the pistes, users activate the function. At the end of the day, the function will have recorded users' maximum speed, vertical drops, number of descents done, and the total distance skied.

The resort closes April 25, so there is still time to test the new application this season.

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