[R587R, Avoriaz] believes that winter sports and ecology do not have to contradict each other, which is why they created the Stash Park in 2008.

This snowpark was developed by Jake Burton, who was attracted by Avoriaz's ability to host such a large park and by its reputation among snowboarders.

The park is located in a non-groomed zone, allowing riders to enjoy large powder turns. The pistes run through the Lindarets forest, with wooden modules hidden throughout the course. It is necessary to go through the course several times in order to discover all of the hidden modules.

The park also has a mission to inform riders of how they can do their part for the environment and to lead by example. All signs are carved in wood; no metal is used. Several modules are either made of wood or use natural elements-rocks, stumps, trees-to give riders a challenge.

Halfway through, the pistes come together at a hidden cabin in the forest. Here, messages inform riders of how they can better protect the environment. Passers-by can even carve their own personal message in the wood.

With the Stash Park, Burton also sought to give riders the chance to try something between freestyle and free ride all the while providing an area where riders of all ages could enjoy their favorite sport in complete security.

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