Resorts are being somewhat cagey about specific projects, but once budgets are approved they will surely post the latest updates on their respective sites. At Wintergreen Resort, vice president of mountain operations, Jay Roberts said the mountain, like others in the area, is in damage control mode right now. Speaking candidly, Roberts said Wintergreen will spend the next few weeks figuring out how much money the resort has in its coffers to spend on improvements after such a "lousy season." The focus will be on rental shop layout improvements, upgrading the rental fleet and enhanced snowmaking for the 2007/08 season, most likely adding more guns and moving some existing guns around. Unlike some resorts further north that rely heavily on natural snow, Wintergreen's 100 percent snowmaking capabilities were something the mountain could fall back on when others were praying to the snow gods. Though warm weather at the begging of the season was not conducive to blowing snow, once the temps dropped Wintergreen coated the Virginia mountain with as much man-made as possible. "We had a great February and a good March," explained Roberts. "Like most of us in the area it was a rough first half. We did better in February than we did in December and January combined." Gearing up for a busy summer, Roberts put a positive spin on the mountain's less than stellar 2006/07 season, giving Virginia skiers and riders something to ponder in the off-season. "The good thing about bad winters is that they don't happen that often. It's behind us now…We've moved on."