NEWS UPDATE: U.S. skiers Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso win gold and silver medals in women’s downhill. Austrian Elizabeth Goergl wins the bronze. Vonn put up a blistering run, finishing 0.56 seconds ahead of Mancuso, and 1.46 seconds ahead of Goergl. Those margins are a lifetime in a sport often decided by hundredths of a second. Details later.

Germany won gold in women's biathlon, Sweden won gold in men's biathlon, and Canada won gold in women's snowboard cross in Olympic competition Tuesday.

Weather remained a major player in athletic events unfolding at the 2010 Vancouver Games, at least in alpine racing.

More heavy snowfall throughout Monday night and soft snow conditions on the lower portion of the Dave Murray downhill course at [R493R, Whistler] caused postponement of the men's super combined medal event scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16. The event was rescheduled for Sunday, Feb. 21.

A delay in training over the weekend gave American Lindsey Vonn, the favorite to medal in women's downhill and other disciplines, another few days of rest for her bruised shin.

A second women's downhill training run was also canceled on Tuesday. However, the women's downhill medal event can go ahead as planned for Wednesday, Feb. 18 since women completed an official downhill training run on Monday. Only one completed run by all competitors is required in order to start a race.

Skiing and snowboarding medals were awarded Tuesday in women's 10k pursuit biathlon; men's 12.5k pursuit biathlon, and women's snowboard cross.

Magdalena Neuner of Germany won gold in the 10k pursuit biathlon. Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia won silver, and Marie Laure Brunet of France won bronze.

Bjorn Ferry of Sweden won gold in the men’s 12.5k pursuit biathlon. Christoph Sumahn of Austria won silver, and Jay Vincent of France won silver.

Maelle Ricker of Canada won gold in women’s snowboard cross. Deborah Anthonioz of France won silver, and Olivia Nobs of Switzerland won bronze.

American Lindsey Jacobellis, silver medalist at the 2006 Torino Games whose ebullient flip just yards from the finish line cost her the gold four years ago, finished fifth.

Sking and snowboarding medal events scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 17 are: women's downhill; women's individual classic cross country sprint; men's individual classic cross country sprint; and men's snowboard half pipe.

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