BrushBoarding is the new way of helping snowboarders and surfers to brush up on their skills.

The sport is still very new to the UK, only introduced a year ago, and is proving very popular with snowboarders who want to practise year-round in the warm and dry.

It is also a way of getting board sports into the inner cities, enabling children to have fun in a safe environment.
The brush ramp is typically the same shape as a quarter-pipe skate ramp with a moving surface of soft brushes that push the rider upward.

BrushBoarding has been invented and developed by Kyle Dent, managing director of Extreme Sports Zone Ltd UK, based in Topsham. Dent's passions for surfing and skateboarding grew while growing up in Australia. He then developed his skills while owning and managing a successful construction company for over 10 years, skills now directed towards Extreme Sports Zone and the implementation of BrushBoarding to an international level and sport.

At the moment the only place in the world to practise BrushBoarding is at the BrushBoarding Head Quarters in Exeter, Devon. Installations of brush ramps are planned to be rolled out at centres focused on having a unique fitness attraction and will be sweeping across the UK this year.  The mobile brush ramps also will also be at many events across the UK and Europe in 2010, so keep a lookout.  

Extreme Sports works closely with the Devon School Partnership to promote BrushBoarding as an exciting cross training activity for youngsters. BrushBoarding is suitable for all ages with the youngest BrushBoarder at 3 years old and the oldest at 67, to date.

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