[R438R, Sun Peaks Resort] added new features to its terrain park. The additions bumped the Rockstar Energy Terrain Park up in acreage, readying it for spring events.

New rails from Rockstar Energy were added into the park in January. The rails, built by Darrin Schmitz at Snow Park Solutions, came in four options: two boxes, a kink box, and a flat bar.

Park crews also installed two new 16-foot corrugated culverts earlier in the winter. The new additions this winter bumped the terrain park up to cover nine acres.

Two major spring events are staged in the terrain park. The Shredidential Election '10, one of the largest park events of the season, is scheduled March 14. The slopestyle contest from Oronge Board Shop offers cash and prizes to skiers and snowboarders 19 years old and younger who strut the showiest stuff on the advanced line. Youngsters not ready for the advanced line can participate hitting the sidecar take offs on the large jumps. Discount lift tickets are available for competitors on the training day prior to the event.

The 378 Board Shop brings the Chairman of the Board contest to the resort April 4. The snowboard-only event pits competitors against each other on three different features. Prizes go to the rider who throws down the best trick at each feature while combined scores from all three locations determine the strongest overall rider.

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