Grenoble has introduced a new programme the 'SkiLigne', operated by the Transisère bus services, which enables visitors to reach its surrounding ski resorts without a car. 

Skiers can combine the slopes with a city break in Grenoble. Buy a return bus ticket from Grenoble and a one-day lift pass for a choice of 11 resorts: [R592R, Alpe d'Huez], [R593R, Les 2 Alpes], [R1837R, Auris en Oisans], [R2652R, Alpe du Grand Serre], [R2390R, Chamrousse], [R2335R, Les 7 Laux], [R594R, St Pierre de Chartreuse], [R2350R, Autrans], [R2441R, Lans En Vercors], [R1861R, Méaudre], and [R2311R, Villard de Lans].

Most shuttles leave the Grenoble bus station around 8:00 a.m. and depart from the resort around 5:00 p.m. Skiers should consult the SkiLigne Web site to know the exact times for their resort of choice.

For downhill skiing, prices range from €19.50 for Méaudre to €37 for Alpe d'Huez or Les 2 Alpes. Autrans and Chamrousse also offer SkiLigne deals for cross country skiing at €14.80 and €12. The transport plus pass package cannot be exchanged or reimbursed, so it is a good idea to purchase tickets the day of departure.

For longer stays in a single resort, the Transière buses also offer shuttle services from Grenoble to 17 resorts - the 11 listed above plus Allevard, Corrençon, Le Collet d'Allevard, Oz en Oisans, Vaujany, and Villard Reculas. Shuttle prices range from €3.20 to €5.40 for a one-way ticket. It is possible to reserve your ticket at http://tranisere.altibus.Fr

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