Guided Trikke SKKI tours have debuted at Adventure Ridge on [R482R, Vail Mountain]. It's similar to ski biking, and an interesting alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

The Trikke SKKI is a patended technology that allows the rider to use the weight of his or her body to camber or carve into any turn, at varying speeds, while all three skis remain on the ground. The three-point stance provides control and stability. The learning curve is minimal. Ride on groomed runs or tear it up in the fresh powder. You need no special bindings or boots and the rider's feet are not secured to the equipment. It makes it easier to adjust.

"Ski biking has been popular at Adventure Ridge for years and we're happy to add to that offering with the Trikke SKKI, which will allow less-skilled skiers and riders to experience Vail Mountain at night from a totally different perspective," said Alex Gentry, Adventure Ridge manager.

The tour is 90 minutes, Tuesday through Saturday nights, from 4:45 to 7 p.m. No extra gear is needed but you'll want to be warm with waterproof boots, clothing, and gloves. You'll also want a helmet and goggles. Headlamps are provided for tours after dark. Riders must be 14 years old and at least 54 inches tall.

More Information  Or call 970-SKI-VAIL.