[R2390R, Chamrousse] has introduced snow rickshaws as a greener way of getting around.

Like a classic rickshaw, it allows one or two passengers to sit in the car and to be pulled by a professional. This new vehicle was born from a collaboration between Eric Bonnement - former Chamrousse ski instructor - his engineer friends, and a team of professionals from CMFP, a company specialised in mountain security vehicles.

The device was designed with the highest concern for security and the snow rickshaw is equipped with emergency brakes as well as a system that prevents it from sliding backwards.

As such, the snow rickshaw offers new opportunities for the handicapped and the elderly to enjoy the mountain. It also expands on the resort's offer of non-ski activities - up to 30 percent of ski resort guests do not actually go skiing, so it is important for resorts to cater to this group of visitors.

The snow rickshaw operates at Chamrousse, in the French Alps, which proposes two outings: the first lasts one hour and goes from the Croix de Chamrousse to Recoin. The second runs between the Bacha Bouloud lift and the Roche Bérenger lift, for a 40-minute ride.

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