Wisp received five inches of fresh snow last night and, according to mountain rep Sarah Duck, has seen the white stuff almost everyday for the past two weeks. "We always have snow," explained Duck. "In Allegheny County they'll be no snow, but once you cross into Garrett County there's just snow." And currently at around a 70 inch base, Duck said Wisp is actually below average for the season, usually enjoying over 100 inches. With a location in the heart of Maryland's westernmost and largest county, Wisp benefits from both its remoteness to the city and its proximity to Lake Erie. Cold dry air moving across the warmer water of the Great Lake picks up water vapor and deposits it across parts of western Maryland and Pennsylvania and West Virginia accounting for a moderate amount of Wisp's annual snowfall. Even when Wisp isn't getting natural snow, mountain temperatures are usually cold enough to make snow, ensuring good conditions on days when the skies are clear. And Wisp has been no stranger to cold temperatures of late. Since MLK weekend, temps have been in the low teens and single digits, dipping all the way to negative 11 - the coldest in over a decade. The favorable conditions have allowed Wisp to open all of their trails save for some of the natural snow terrain. And, according to Duck, the mountain is hard at work getting the super pipe ready to open for this weekend.