Another major storm is hitting the Mid Atlantic, making life difficult for residents of a region already staggering under the heavy load of snow left by last week's two-day wallop.

Highway departments are running out of salt and places to put snow removed from city streets.

Residents are running out of patience and cheer, with some people stranded in their homes by deep snow and unplowed driveways for up to five days.

Resorts relish the heavy snow and look forward to fabulous skiing and snowboarding conditions for the upcoming Presidents Week school holidays.

The storm is serious, however, and will cause hardship during and immediately after its passage across the region.

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning, in effect until midnight tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 10).

"A coastal storm developing off the Central Mid Atlantic coast will intensify explosively today. A mixture of rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow has begun to change to all snow late this morning and will continue this afternoon as the storm moves northward. This will cause winds to back to northeast and north and bring colder air into the region. With heavy snow expected to decrease visibilities, and strong winds gusting to 35 to 40 mph this afternoon, blizzard conditions are expected at times ...

"Total snow accumulations are expected to range from 12 to 22 inches into early tonight, with the highest amounts straddling the I-95 corridor.

"Near-blizzard or blizzard conditions are rare for our area, so it is likely that people will not realize the peril that exists in venturing out in such storms. Life-threatening conditions are possible, and driving will be hazardous at best during this winter storm today and early tonight," the National Weather Service advisory stated.

This storm is pushing up the coast into Southern New England, and is expected to drop more than a foot of snow across Connecticut, Rhode Island and the southern half of Massachusetts, with Boston and the South Shore sitting at that state's ground zero.

Frank DeBerry, president and chief operating officer of [R259R, Mountain Creek Resort] in New Jersey, said, "Six inches have fallen here so far, with 2 inches of that coming in the last hour, and the real storm yet to arrive later today."

Heidi Lutz of [R62R, Blue Mountain] in Pennsylvania said her mountain is gearing up for the best Presidents Week ever.

"We're getting hammered right now," she said just before noon today. "We had about 4 inches last night, then a couple hours of flurries, then an hour ago it started up again with the heavy snow. We're expecting 12 to 18 inches more before the snow stops. That's all on top of 7 inches from the last storm.

"This is exactly when we want it, midweek," she said. "It gets people thinking about the weekend, and schools will probably be off tomorrow, and are scheduled to be off Friday, so we're getting a strong and early start on Presidents Week."

Jessica Pezak at [R184R, Hunter Mountain] in New York State's Catskills said at noon today, "We've got about 3 inches right now, with 6 to 7 inches expected to fall. The snow was fine this morning but is thickening up now."

Resorts across northern New England would like to see some of the snow reach them, but it's unlikely this system will renew a dwindling cover of natural snow. Temps have remained cold, however, and all resorts across New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are fully open on ample manmade snow.