[R2805R, Ski Ward]'s LaCroix Cup is a GS race created to honor John LaCroix, president and owner of Ski Ward, and his family, for the countless hours of work they devote to making the area a fun place for families, and a positive influence on the community of Shrewsbury.

The LaCroix Cup is an open race for all ages and abilities, skiers or snowboarders.

The race offers an opportunity for individuals and families, skiers and snowboarders, to compete on a level playing field (so to speak) to win a family season pass, in a format that factors in age and ability.

"This is the only one like it anywhere," said Mark "Campi" Campaniello, Ski Ward's snow sports director.

"Our timing software factors in everything in a way that gives everyone a shot at winning," he said. "Everyone takes two runs, and the program throws out the high and low, and figures in age, and comes up with the result."

At stake is a family season pass for next season, and the everlasting glory of having the family name inscribed on the silver LaCroix Cup that remains permanently at Ski Ward.

Ski Ward will be having a Junior Rail Jam on the day of the LaCroix Cup, open to anyone 15 years old and younger.

Registration is 9 to 11 a.m. The race will being at 11 a.m. on side-by-side GS courses. Everyone gets to take one run on each course with the best run counted.

Cost for the Day: Season pass holders $10; non season pass holders, $40.

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