The XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver are underway, and people in [R419R, Squaw Valley] are aiming to preserve the heritage from their Olympics 50 years ago. The Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation hopes to build a museum to display artifacts and memorabilia from the 1960 Winter Olympic Games.

The goal of the museum is to retell the story of the Squaw Valley Olympic Games as well as the history of winter sports in the Sierra Nevada. The foundation, which is raising money for the project, intends to build the facility as a year-round attraction.

Squaw Valley hosted the eighth Winter Olympics, garnering selection from the International Olympic Committee when the ski resort had only one chairlift, two rope tows, and a 50-room lodge. Construction for the Olympics ballooned the resort with world-class race courses and competition venues, chairlifts, hotels, motels, restaurants, and roads in preparation for the record-breaking 47,000 spectators.

The 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley heralded a series of firsts. They were the first Games held in the Western United States, the first to be televised, the first to use computers to tabulate results, the first to grant a woman the honor of taking the Olympic Oath on behalf of the athletes, the first to see metal skis enter Olympic competition, and the first time all 750 athletes were housed under one roof.

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