The Dew Tour hit [R255R, Mount Snow] for the third and final stop of the season with men and women competing in the Toyota Championship snowboard and freeski super pipe and slopestyle events Thursday through Sunday, Feb. 4-7.

Weather was cold and clear, and crowds approached the 20,000 projection by tour organizer AlliSports. Competition took place in a carnival atmosphere fueled by music, lights, and a midway of tents offering swag, food, and info outside the Sundance Base Lodge at Carinthia.

Missing were Olympic athletes, who were not allowed to compete in other events after selection for national teams. That did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of spectators who lined the ramp along the super pipe, or diminish the performance of athletes competing for a cumulative $1.5 million in prize money awarded at the Dew Tour's three stops at Breckenridge, Snowbasin, and Mount Snow.

Among the spectators were hundreds of young snowboarders and freeskiers, some of whom dreamed of someday competing on the tour themselves.

The athletes, many of them only a few years older than their fans, were aware of the awe in which they were held.

Kaitlyn Farrington of Idaho won the Dew Cup in women's snowboard super pipe.

"I'm so stoked to win the Dew Cup," said Farrington. "It's just icing on the cake in what's been a pretty awesome season."

JJ Thomas of Fairbanks, Alaska won the Dew Cup in snowboard super pipe.

"I couldn't be more excited, and I never imagined winning an entire Tour," said Thomas.

New Zealand's Jossi Wells scored consistently over the tour, and won the Dew Cup in freeski super pipe by placing fifth at Mount Snow.

"It feels amazing," said Wells.

Simon Dumont of Bethel, Maine won the event at Mount Snow.

Andreaas Hatveit won the Dew Cup in freeski slopestyle.

Jamie Anderson of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., won the Dew Cup in women's snowboard slopestyle, and also was named Dew Tour Female Athlete of the Year.

"It's unbelievable," said Anderson. "I've come so close before so to actually get it this year is a great feeling."

Sage Kostenburg of Park City, Utah won the Dew Cup in men's snowboard slopestyle. He is 16, and the youngest-ever Dew Cup champion.

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