Stickers, the Porcupine, loved Prospect Bowl at [R456R, Telluride]. The popular porcupine would meet and greet guests throughout the week, mostly on the runs accessed by the Prospect Bowl lift. Things took a turn for the worse recently when guests started getting a little too close and feeding Stickers different foods which aren't what a porcupine should be eating. Porcupines have very bad eyesight, and Stickers even began mistaking fingers for food lately.

The Department of Wildlife stepped in and relocated Stickers to a more desirable location, with less people and more porcupines. Stickers lives near Woods Lake now, in more natural surroundings. Woods Lake is just outside Placerville, on the way to Telluride, in the Uncompahgre Wilderness. The lake sits between two 14,000 peaks, Mount Wilson and El Diente. It is beautiful and peaceful and a great place for a porcupine.  

"Unfortunately, this is a direct result of people feeding wildlife, and now Stickers is always waiting for that next morsel of food," said Jeff Proteau, vice president of mountain operations for the resort. "He is now habituated to humans, and this is not a good thing."

Reports from the Wildlife Department is that Stickers was comfortable in the cage during the relocation process while munching on peanut butter and granola.

"We hate to see Stickers go," said CEO Dave Riley.  "But this was the responsible thing to do for the porcupine. We want to ensure a happy life for Stickers in the wild."

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