Team Lithuania made a long journey to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to take part in the 20th Annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships in [R77R, Breckenridge]. It took 65 hours to create the winning snow sculpture, through variable weather conditions, and against formidable competition. The gold medal goes to Team Lithuania with "Milite Est Vita," a textured sculpture of a gloved hand holding up the "V" sign, symbolizing the fragility and temporary nature of victory. Every day is a fight. Silver went to Team Canada, and bronze went to Team Mexico.

Twelve teams from six countries competed in the annual event. Teams are given a 20-ton block of snow and work to make it a piece of art. No power tools are used. There are no internal support structures or colorants.

The Town of Breckenridge Public Works Department ships in the snow in dump trucks, and front-end loaders take it to the event site. A huge snowblower blows the snow into blocks. Then several people climb onto the blocks and stomp the snow to pack it. They're known as the "Snow Stompers." They climb out and another load is blown in. More people climb back up and stomp the snow again.

The original founders of the event are still on Team Breck today. The event is held in conjuction with the town's winter carnival, known as Ullr Fest.

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