[R1563R, Les Gets] has recently added the "Mappys Area" which is a free-of-charge zone designed especially for first-time skiers.

Ordinarily in the Alps, beginners would have to pay the full price of a lift pass, which can cost any where from €15 to €40, so this new free area is hugely beneficial.

The Mappys Area, made up of four gently sloped pistes, is set aside so that beginners, no matter their age, can feel safe and take their time learning how to handle the ski and snow combination.

The pistes are accessible from the arrival point of the Chavannes gondolas. Once there, two magic carpets and two rope tows take skiers back to the top of the pistes once they've made it to the bottom.

The Mappys Area is also completely accessible to walkers, so friends and family can come and watch as beginners get to grips with the techniques of skiing. Les Gets even encourages them to cheer skiers along for a successful descent.

As for the ski instructors, they also enjoy the Mappys Area, as it expands their "classroom." The area reserved for beginners, away from the regular pistes, means that both instructor and learner can work in a calmer environment, making learning to ski much less stressful.

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