A shed off S.R. 224, The Java Cow ice cream store on Main Street, and a power box at the Gateway Center in Old Town all had something in common during the Sundance Film Fest this year. No, they didn't host parties. They are believed to be tagged by a famous U.K. graffiti artist who was in town to help promote his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Complaints rolled into the [R314R, Park City] Police Department and some (but not all) of the "artwork" has been removed. To date, five stenciled pieces have appeared around town, including the one at Cows that features a videographer focusing on a pink flower.

"When we learned a little more about what it was about, we thought it was really cool," the store manager told theage.com who was in PC covering Sundance. "It's something that not many people can talk about, and it's just neat, it's a nice piece of modern art." Lucia Bisbee, said she hopes the piece remains. It's attracted tons of attention from tourists and Sundance attendees, with many passersby stopping to take photos. People who know Banksy's work even called The Cow asking them to keep the graffiti.

A Public Works Department crew did remove the art on a white shed across the state highway from the McPolin Farm. Another decorated a utility box on Heber Avenue close to the Sundance's Main headquarters at the Gateway Center.

Last year, England's Bristol Public Museum staged a 100-work exhibit by the internationally (in)famous Banksy. The anonymous artist is considered a cultural commentator, once smuggling a life-size statue of a Guantanamo Bay detainee into Disneyland. The artist has managed to hide his identity for more than a decade.

Sundance warned the Police Department a month before the Fest that Banksy might have a film in the Festival but that he promised not to tag while he was there. All, however, were concerned for copycats.

Officials will typically remove any graffiti on public property within 72 hours of it being discovered and those caught tagging can be charged with criminal mischief.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is due to open in cinemas in March.