Boyne Resorts, which includes the [R73R, Mountain] and [R72R, Highlands], recently donated over $30,000 to American Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross efforts in Haiti. 

On Saturday, Jan. 16, Boyne donated $1 from every lift ticket sold at every operation across North America which includes, in addition to Michigan, resorts in Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, Montana, Washington, and BC in Canada.  They said thousands of resort guests also made personal donations to the fund.

"We were saddened by the devastation and suffering in Haiti," said Stephen Kircher, president of the company's eastern operations, from corporate headquarters in Boyne Falls, Mich.  "We are also grateful for the loyalty and generosity shown by our resort patrons as they've done previously." 

Boyne also made contributions to assist Hurricane Katrina and Asian earthquake/tsunami victims in 2005. 

Using company communication resources including databases and social networking, Boyne was able to quickly inform the public of its commitment and their opportunity to donate throughout the holiday weekend.  Additionally, links and contact information for donation directly to the Red Cross were shared.  "We hope that by highlighting the need to support relief efforts that perhaps additional contribution levels were at a higher level than they might have been otherwise," Kircher said. 

Hopefully it does, and kudos to Boyne Resorts for helping to highlight that need.

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