"It's the biggest pile I've ever seen," said Terrain Parks Manager Eric Langman. "It's the size of an aircraft carrier."

Langman said that, unlike jet fighter pilots, who have the engine power to sustain high G for extended periods, skiers and riders will need to harness serious momentum if they want to score points for amplitude.

The super pipe in [R430R, Stratton]'s Superpark is just one of the resort's terrain park offerings, described in a press release. They include:

Tyrolienne, a terrain park that addresses every single rider, is also open with a fresh layout and design. Features include a 10-foot box, 15-foot A-frame, a 30-foot flat box and four smaller jumps for learning new moves. Here skiers and riders will battle it out under the lights in the ongoing Vans Cold Wars Rail Jam series.

Boardercross debuted as a full medal sport at the 2006 Olympics. Under the guidance of Stratton Mountain School's Mike Mallon, who also served as the head SBX coach for U.S. Snowboarding nine times, Langman's parks crew designed a course one would only describe as ‘sick' on East Byrneside.

Lower Middlebrook is highlighted by medium-sized hits set up throughout a mile long run. The 25-foot zig-zag, fabricated with recycled metal left-over from the 2009 U.S. Open, is one of the most unusual and technically challenging features in the park.

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