"We're doing this to protect our customers," said PCMR Marketing Director Krista Parry about their employees surfing the web and posing as buyers to catch those selling lift tickets, vouchers and season passes. "We've had to deal with a lot of angry customers who buy a ticket off Craigslist and get to the resort to find it's no good," she explained. Apparently, more than a few bad seeds have sold used/voided tickets to unwitting buyers. In the past, tickets were punched or stuck on wire wickets. Now, PCMR scans a barcode on the pass so there's no way to know whether a ticket has been used already. But rather than letting the 'Buyer Beware', PCMR is going proactive on their shady butts. Season pass holders will have their passes "deactivated", non-holders will be told to stop or face theft-of-service charges. The "NOT FOR RESALE" label means business. The resort has yet to prosecute anyone and more research needs to be done to see if such a charge would stand in court seeing as how it's legal to scalp tickets in Utah so long as they are no more than $10 above face value. Sundance Film Festival organizers started cracking down on Craigslist and Ebay sellers last year but their focus is on crushing those who think they can sell the $15 tickets for more. One man from New York was completely banned from buying tickets this year because last year he posted his tickets on Craigslist for $50 apiece. All of his tickets were voided, he paid more than $1k in fines and now posts on Craigslist begging to buy tickets just for himself. Sellers beware!