You can rodel (that's the local alpine lingo for sledding) between the villages of Preda and Bergün in the Albula Valley, not far from glitzy, world-renowned St. Moritz. The Albula train line connects St. Moritz to these small mountain villages in minutes. The sledding track winds its way through the valley, over and under the attractive red Rhaetain Bahn trains. Here's how to make the slide: Take the train to Preda, the last stop before it enters the Albula tunnel. Walk (don't forget your rodel) to the start of the course. You will see Swiss mountain trains working their way over the many stone arched viaducts and going through corkscrew tunnels as you sled down the prepared track. OK, that's only if you have the nerve to look. You'll reach the quaint village of Bergün after about 5 km or rodeling. Walk through the town to the train station to pick up your return ride. The old "Crocodile" train engine is on display at the station. The course is open several nights a week and it is well-lit for sledding. Be sure and make a reservation at one of the restaurants in either town for a traditional Swiss Fondue treat. Day passes for the trains are available at any Swiss railway station.