Deep confusion, light loss, shallow sentimentality, multifarious mood is from this storm night. The wind, blow don't walk oath, but blow ruffled the an old face; The rain, dozen not wet romantic, but broke a blazing heart. How many days alone in the rain, I still hum that one not well-known tunes, and the wind qi low moans, and drizzle with shallow sing. The wind also romantic, the rain is nike nfl jersey romantic, falling rain lingering of dance in the wind, you can know the wind and rain pedestrian worry or relaxed in the mood? Light is hazy, night also hazy, walking in the midst of the street after flowers, you can experience the hazy signs or feeling like this? The wind blow the lattice, such as YaoGu strike sound; The rain dozen banana, be like yao harp solo. Standing in the painted the window of the night through rainy night of pure and fresh, staring at the black night, touch the hot cool breeze, chewing a wet summer rain, listen to the sound of rain night, feel the open porch satisfied micro cool, imagine a long lane and ZhanZhan semi-darkness street light, and the shadows of swaying, and eroded is distant or YouChang overlooking the ileum, is the artistic conception of imagination or shake branded in the rain. Ask, who know my heart? From the time of the spring rain to the summer rain in a hurry, from life when the young to learn to the encouragement and a few degrees in spring and autumn, the wind and rain several times. Without the noisy, not the noise of the city, cheap jersey wholesale all of these are all so quiet, only the wind, rain is falling all run in the stillness of the night. Speaking to me that no one of the richest areas of Nigeria through in the wind, no to accompany me shaking off the dust was in walking in the rain, and only the sad the bitter swallowed flush the endless blue. Night already deep, the rain has new nhl jersey next, did not take into account, also need not stop. It's just the nature of the law according to play their part, in your own world do what you have cheap nfl jerseys to do. Tonight, sleepless, perhaps is because there are too many CARES, couldn't restrain yourself because of the mood. Some say heaven ruthless, blame god always according to their own will to each one's destiny cut: cut its aches and pains, leaving is happy and sweet; Cut to the joy and warmth, leaving only sad and unhappy. Nature is also not consider human laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness, according to its own laws is to change the color of the four seasons. In the short and long life, we find the happiness of life is hard, but happiness is often and always and pass us by. When we run out for this precious youth, slowly crawled out the wrinkles on, perhaps to a little of know what life. A dream to wake up, seemed such a long time ago now, two brow, lovelorn do dye. Through trials and hardships, I may through the world of mortals, FeiDu the sea, with the whole life the tender feelings, such as cross-strait blossom, the really iii.