Most hotels and apartments in [R1326R, Livigno] are offering a free lift pass to guests who book a holiday of at least four nights in a hotel or seven nights in an apartment. Tickets are valid for the number of full days of your stay.  For example, those staying for six nights in a hotel receive a five day pass.

Livigno is known as the ‘Little Tibet' of Italy, because at 1816m above sea level it is a high altitude, snowsure resort with a seven month season.  There are 115km (72 miles) of prepared slopes and one of the biggest snow parks in Europe. The snow is guaranteed.

One of the highest genuine villages in Europe, Livigno is able to offer skiers natural snow skiing all season long.  It is situated in what was a remote mountain valley between the Alps to the north and the Dolomites to the south. It is protected from both the cold northerly winds of the former and the snow-melting warm breezes of the latter.  You will find Livigno just south of the Swiss border, with St Moritz one of it nearest neighbours. 

The resort is so well-known because it is duty free and contains over 200 shops - most of them selling alcohol, tobacco, and perfume products at tax free prices. 

The ski area is very big for a single resort and has a modern, efficient lift system.  The resort is actually based on three older villages and stretches for 8km (5 miles) along the road with various access points to the skiing along this length and the hundreds of small-medium sized shops, hotels and apartments filling almost all available space.