Snow has pounded Alberta's [R448R, Sunshine Village] this winter — enough that the resort has topped its all-time snowfall record in 84 years. With record snows, the ski and snowboard season at Sunshine has nearly two months left to go.

By mid-March, the resort crested 30 feet of snowfall for this winter. Spring corn skiing seemed elusive as Sunshine Village entered April with day after day of powder surfing. The record-setting winter offers strong spring ski and snowboard conditions and current weather patterns into April bode powder rather than corn snow.

Sunshine Village 3.6.12

Due to a record snow year, Sunshine plans to run all of its lifts until May 21. Photo by Shawn Alain/Ski Big 3.

Sunshine Village runs the longest ski and snowboard season in the Canadian Rockies. Its location on the Continental Divide garners deep snow and its elevation preserves it late into spring. Due to the record snow conditions this year, the resort plans to run all of its lifts until May 21, 2012.

The resort also extended its hours starting this past weekend. For the duration of spring, all lifts will run an extra half hour until 4:30 p.m. The Jack Rabbit lift operates until 5 p.m. for those accessing the ski-out trail.

To celebrate spring, Sunshine Village launches its spring concert series April 21. Live bands play every Saturday and Sunday through closing day on May 21. The season finale event — the Slush Cup — takes place in the afternoon on closing day. This year’s event will be the 84th Slush Cup held at Sunshine Village. Check out the spring events here.