The Winter X Games wrapped landed in [R600R, Tignes] for three action-packed days March 14-16. Take a look at the results and winning runs.

Results from the Winter X Games Tignes:

Men's Snowboard SuperPipe: Shaun White is definitely unbeatable! Wearing his lucky zebra pants, the ones with which he won every contest he entered this year, Shaun came out of the Pipe higher than anyone else. His first run, that scored 98 points, was close to perfect, with a really fat backside air and a trick he invented: the front double cork 1260.

Shaun White's Superpipe Gold:

Women's Snowboard SuperPipe: Kelly Clark takes the gold, Elena Hight takes the silver, Kaitlyn Farrington takes the bronze.

Kelly Clark's SuperPipe Gold:

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle: Shaun White takes the gold, Mark McMorris takes the silver and Eric Willet takes the bronze.

Shaun White's Slopestyle Gold:

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle: Jamie Anderson takes the gold and beats Spencer O'Brien (silver) and Enni Rukajärvi (bronze).

Jamie Anderson's Slopstyle Gold:

Men's Ski Slopestyle: By closing up his second run with a massive rodeo 450 out, Bobby Brown took the level up one step further and earned himself a score of 95. The other competitors' runs were just as impressive. But still, riders like Tom Wallisch, James Woods and Andreas Hatveit were powerless in front of Bobby's score.

Bobby Brown's Slopestyle 95 = Gold:

Women's Ski Slopestyle: Kaya Turski took the Gold, Anna Segal got the Silver medal and Dara Howell took home the Bronze medal. Canada's Kaya Turski won her third Winter X Games Tignes Slopestyle event, beating out Australia's Anna Segal and became the first athletes to three-peat at any Tignes event. Turski entered the competition coming from a three-peat win from Winter X Games Aspen in January.

Kaya Turski Slopestyle Gold:

Men's Ski SuperPipe: Torin Yater-Wallace takes the gold, Thomas Krief takes the silver and David Wise takes the bronze.

Torin Yater-Wallace's Ski SuperPipe Gold:

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