Forbes Magazine recently published "Five Tips To Planning A Hassle-Free Ski Trip". Whichever mountain you're heading to, these simple travel tactics from Forbes can help you save money, avoid hassles and get to the slopes faster (and in a better mood).

1. Time your trip from door to door

"A quick, easy travel day can, at the minimum let you lounge in a hot tub when you might otherwise be sitting in an airport. At best, it can even get you an extra day on the slopes. When you're making your airline reservations, remember that the bottom line is what time you're going to actually arrive at the resort . . . Catch an early morning flight, and you might even hit the resort in time to take a few turns."

2. Think twice about regional airports

"Snow. The very same thing that draws you to the mountains is the thing that can make ski town airports a real gamble in the winter . . . Larger regional airports, with runways that can accommodate jets, are probably better bets than smaller, prop-only airports. You can't always avoid the smaller airports, but at least fly in with your eyes open."

3. Bring your boots, rent your skis

"It used to be that rental skis were for beginners. But with high-performance demos and higher excess baggage fees it makes increasing sense to just rent your skis  when you get there. Rental skis will be almost new and be freshly waxed and sharpened. Just as importantly, a good ski shop can be like your ski sommelier."

4. If you need it, carry it on

"Never, ever check anything you can't ski without. My carry-on bag contains my ski boots, a pair of ski socks, my Marmot Gore-Tex ski pants, my helmet and goggles, my favorite gloves, my contact lenses, and any medications I'm taking. I wear my jacket and a vest onto the plane. If my bag doesn't make it, I could ski for a couple of days while hardly missing a beat."

5. Ditch the car

"Think long and hard about whether you need a rental car. You can usually get a modestly priced airport limo to most mountains. And once you arrive, most resorts have frequent, reliable shuttle services to get you where you need to go, which means that your rental car will often just sit there until you're ready to drive back.  Figure out the gross cost of the car - including gas and taxes and other fees - and you'll often discover that the shuttle will be cheaper, faster, and easier."

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