Skiers and riders in [R425R, Steamboat] can unwind in the heart of town at the historic Old Town Hot Springs. This family-friendly facility has been the place to go for visitors and locals alike for more than 100 years. Even before that, the original bubbling mineral spring served as a gathering and bathing place for the Ute Indians who first settled in the area. Then in the late 1800s, it was a social spot and a bathing place for the early homesteaders.

Old Town Hot Springs Bathing Beauties

The Old Town Hot Springs has been a popular swimming spot for over 100 years. Photo courtesy Old Town Hot Springs.

The Old Town Hot Springs sits at an elevation of 6,700 feet. It has eight pools, which are all served from the original Heart Spring. The famous Heart Spring is the source of all of the water at the complex. It pumps approximately 150 gallons per minute and comes out of the ground like an artesian well, meaning naturally without the use of pumps. The water then runs into an overflow system filling each of the pools. The pools range from 82 degrees to 103 degrees.

A recent $5 million renovation also added two 230-foot waterslides which are open every afternoon in the winter, from 4-8 p.m.

Old Town Hot Springs Waterslide

The Old Town Hot Springs has two 230-foot waterslides. Photo courtesy Larry Pierce.

A lap pool is available as is a full fitness center on the upper level. But skiers with sore muscles love the hot pool after their day on the slopes. A big attraction of the hot pool is the aquatic rock climbing wall. Climbers try to make it to the top to ring the bell.

Old Town Hot Springs Climbing Wall

The Old Town Hot Springs has an aquatics climbing wall. Photo courtesy Corey Kopischke.

The Old Town Hot Springs is easy to get to, as it is in the heart of downtown Steamboat. The big surprise is that it isn’t run by the city. It’s a non-profit serving the recreational needs of Steamboat.

One popular event for the pups in town is the bi-annual Poochy Paddle, held the day the lap pool closes for cleaning. Dogs in town are invited to take a dip in the warm waters of the pool just before it is drained. The next Poochy Paddle is Sunday, April 22.

Old Town Hot Springs Poochy Paddle

Dogs in town love to take a dip in the lap pool for the Poochy Paddle. Photo courtesy Old Town Hot Springs.

Steamboat also has another option for those a bit more adventurous. The Strawberry Park Hot Springs is another relaxing option with hot pools along the side of the Hot Springs Creek high up in the mountains. It’s about a half hour drive to get there and you’ll need to take a shuttle bus or risk getting stuck in the mud or snow. Also, swimming suits are optional at night at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs so be prepared. No kids allowed after dark.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Photo courtesy Strawberry Hot Springs.

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