Sometimes it feels like a small team here at OnTheSnow tracking down snow conditions for ski areas throughout the world, but thanks to you, we now have the biggest snow reporting team on the planet—nearly 1.6 million passionate skiers and snowboarders who are reporting from every snowy corner of the globe.                       

Our mobile app, called “Ski & Snow Report,” went flying past 1.6 million downloads this week. If you don’t use the app yet, it features our own daily snow reports and allows the community to post photos and short comments about snow conditions at their favorite resorts. Which means, in effect, that we now have well over a million-and-a-half people reporting snow from the front lines and lift lines around the world.

ski report app final

The "Ski & Snow Report" app offers snow conditions, first hand ski reports, weather, cams and more.

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate this community, and to thank all of you for using the app, and for posting snow reports, photos, comments and the real scoop on snow conditions at nearly every ski resort in the western world. The community of skiers that has developed around this app is truly amazing. Thank you all for making it such a vibrant tool.

“Many years ago we began providing snow reports online, and it’s now clear that skiers want to see their reports without being tied to a computer,” Global Managing Director Chad Dyer said. “We’re dedicating a lot of time and money into growing this aspect of our company to better serve our users.”


We continue to grow our mobile platform every year and there are big things in-store for 2012.

Next steps? We’re knee-deep in translating the app into all the major European languages to make it a truly global product. “We’re a worldwide company. It’s important we provide mobile snow reporting to everyone,” Dyer said. 

For English language users, we have a few more surprises up our sleeves, although we’re always open to suggestions.

If you don’t have it yet, the app is called “Ski & Snow Report,” and it is available for free via the iTunes Store and Android Market.

Download the "Ski & Snow Report" app today for your iPhone or Android.