What a weekend, from injury to the first-ever perfect score. Shaun White proved once again that the action never stops. Shaun cruised into [R25R, Aspen] for the X Games with gold on his mind and nothing was going to derail him.


Amplitude is the name of the game. Shaun's got a ton of it and no one else can compare. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.

After practicing at [R77R, Breck] the week before, Shaun was pumped to go for gold in Slopestyle. Unfortunately, the gods had different plans and while practicing on Wednesday, Shaun sprained his ankle. The injury was bad enough to force him to pull out of slope to rest up for pipe on Sunday evening. 


Once again, Shaun raised the bar in the X Games SuperPipe. This time he achieved perfection with a sprained ankle. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.

Apparently that was the ticket to success, because Sunday came around and Shaun was busting with energy. In qualifiers he showed no sign of holding back, throwing 18-foot airs down the whole pipe.


White scored a perfect 100 in his final run—something he'd been after for some time. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.

After qualifying first, Shaun got busy in the finals. His first run was enough to guarantee a victory, but Shaun had something to get off his chest. On his second run he tried a frontside double 1260, squealing out on his tail and hitting his face on the pipe. A little black eye definitely didn't stop Shaun, and after sealing a win, he decided to go for it anyway and threw down a perfect 100-point run for his victory lap.

Snowboarding Superpipe podium

Top of the podium: a familiar place for this snowboarding legend. Photo by Sasha Coben.

The crowd erupted and history was made. Congrats Shaun on a perfect evening.

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