Beginner skiers at [R143R, Eldora] start their time on the snow with a program affectionately known as the Eldorables. These are the four- to six-year-old beginner skiers in their first experience on a pair of skis. “They are just learning the fundamentals of skiing and experiencing the excitement of the mountain,” according to Tavid Bingham with Eldora. Professional instructors play games with the kids on the snow to get them comfortable on skis. Typically, they don’t even realize they’re also becoming better skiers. The next session for Eldorables begins the week of Feb. 13.

Eldorables Photo Courtesy John Waugh. -1

Photo courtesy John Waugh.

Eldorables graduate onto Kids’ Trek after they get the basics down and they’re ready to ski or ride onto the next level. These are skiers, snowboarders, and Nordic skiers that range in age from seven to 12 years old. But the Nordic skiers can start at age five. Bingham says, “Trek provides kids with the skills necessary to safely negotiate more advanced terrain.” Sessions last six weeks on either Saturday or Sunday. The next session starts on the last weekend of February.

Eldora reminds parents to have your child wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Don’t forget goggles, a helmet, and sunscreen. Bring a disposable sack lunch. Rentals are also not included in the Trek program so a child needs his or her own gear.

Women’s Days is another option for moms at Eldora. Eldora hosts consecutive week programs in alpine, cross-country, snowboarding and telemark skiing just for women on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The day includes breakfast, a gourmet lunch and four hours of training with an instructor. The resort touts it as, “…an inexpensive way for women to improve, get in shape and share their passion for winter sports with other women.” The second session for Women’s Days begins Feb. 21-22.

The busy holiday season is over and the conditions are some of the best in the country, according to Bingham. “Early season upslope storms and successful snowmaking allowed us to open the Corona Bowl earlier than it has in more than 15 years!"

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