Shaun White returned to [R77R, Breckenridge], the site of his Winter Dew Tour SuperPipe win last month, to prepare for this weekend's X Games in [R25R, Aspen]. Shaun has been enjoying the sun, the new snow and hitting the air bags.

He's taken some time to have fun with friends, check out [R482R, Vail] and really hone his craft in Breck's park and pipe. Practice has been going smoothly and Shaun has been riding a ton to get ready for what should be an awesome time in Aspen for X Games.

Here are a few photos from Shaun's time in Colorado leading up to X Games...


Shaun launches into one of Breck's air bags in the background while his friend catches some air too. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.


Shaun and Burton teammate Mikkel Bang had the chance to ride some powder at Vail. When did Mikkel get so tall?


Shaun is totally comfortable letting loose and shredding at Breck. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.


Shaun had a blast hitting the air bag at Breck for a few onlookers. The crowds should be a bit bigger at X Games. Photo Courtesy of Gabe L'Heureux.

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