Winter X Games returns to Aspen for the eleventh consecutive year this month. Whether you're planning to attend action sports' premier event or you're just planning to take it in from the couch, we've got you covered. Over the next several weeks we will give you the lowdown via the OnTheSnow Winter X Games Guide. Check out Part One here. Here's Part Two...

Each year, Winter X Games is full of great moments—groundbreaking tricks, horrific crashes, triumphant defeats and heartbreaking losses. Here are some gems from more than a decade of ski events at Winter X. 

1. Denis Rey bests Kent Kreitler and Chris Davenport for Skier X gold in 1998 in the first Winter X Games ski event. It was a motley crew of new freeski stars and aging extreme legends in a junkshow of a race in Crested Butte, but it was a legitimizing moment for the sport. 

2. J.F. Cusson edges 1998 Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley in Ski Big Air's debut at Winter X Games Three in 1999. His switch 720 was the most progressive trick of the competition. 

3. Snowboarder Shaun Palmer enters Skier X in Winter X Games Four at Mount Snow and takes gold

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CR Johnson in Skiing SuperPipe at Winter X Games Seven. Photo Courtesy of Flip McCririck/Shazamm/ESPN.

4. CR Johnson and Candide Thovex change the game with unprecedented amplitude in the 2003 SuperPipe competition. Airing nearly 20 feet out, Thovex and Johnson flew twice as high as anybody previously in competition and it forever changed halfpipe skiing at the Winter X Games. Thovex took gold with huge 900s and an inverted 720.

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Tanner Hall had some epic SuperPipe battles with Simon Dumont including this one at Winter X Games 11. Photo Courtesy of Scott Clarke /Shazamn/ESPN images.

5. The Tanner vs. Simon show. There were 16 skiers competing for SuperPipe gold each year, but from 2003-2009 it was a battle between two. Simon Dumont (two gold medals, two silver, two bronze) and Tanner Hall (three gold, three silver) were neck and neck every year, creating a marketable rivalry and some of the most exciting halfpipe competitions in history. In 2007, Hall's initial hit—a switch 1080 that was a first—topped Dumont's 1260, another skiing SuperPipe first.

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Reggie Crist edged his brother Zach for Gold during Skier X at Winter X Games Nine. Photo Courtesy of Flip McCririck/Shazamm/ESPN Image.

6. The Crist brothers share the podium at 2005 Skier X. Reggie Crist easily had the race won from the start, but brother Zach came through in dramatic fashion at the end to win bronze.

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Sarah Burke in Women's Skiing SuperPipe during ESPN's Winter X Games 13 at Aspen's Buttermilk Mountain. Photo Courtesy of Craig Stein/Shazamm/ESPN Images.

7. Sarah Burke’s near flawless final halfipipe run in 2009 that secured her threepeat. The run included a 900 off the first hit and a 720 off the last and garnered a score of 93.33, the highest in event history. 

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Bobby Brown takes first place during the Men's Ski Big Air at Winter X Games 14. Photo Courtesy of Nate Abbott/Shazamm/ESPN Images.

8. Bobby Brown's perfect score of 100 in the 2010 Ski Big Air competition and double gold in his X Games debut (he also won Slopestyle). It was the first time the switch double Misty mute 1260 and the switch double Misty mute1440 were landed in competition. TJ Schiller stunned everyone when he landed the first-ever double corked 1620 (4.5 rotations) thrown in competition. 

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Kaya Turski took the highest score in all three of her runs, placing first in the 2010 Skiing Slopestyle Women's Final at Winter X Games 14. Photo Courtesy of Heather Rousseau/Shazamm/ESPN Images.

9. Kaya Turski lands the highest score in Slopestyle history at X Games, winning gold in 2010. In the same event, Sarah Burke attempted a 1260, which had never been landed by a woman during competition, on the same hit that broke her back the previous year. 

10. The youngest athlete competing at Winter X Games 15, 15-year old Torin Yater-Wallace becomes the youngest athlete in Winter X Games history to medal. In 2011 he won Ski SuperPipe silver.