The second annual Shaun White and Oakley Air & Style event went down in Beijing, China in early December.

Shaun hosted the event, which was held in the Birds' Nest Olympic stadium, and tens of thousands of fans turned out to watch. Shaun arrived in China a few days before the event, which gave him and his crew a chance to cruise around China, take in the markets, eat a lot of weird things, buy some cool stuff and meet some amazing people.

The snowboard scene in China is definitely growing and it's exciting to see so many people getting involved.

Here are a few photos and memories from the trip.


Shaun, Burton team snowboarder Mikkel Bang, and a friend getting some riding in at the Qiao Bo Indoor Ski Resort.

Oakley Rookie Challenge

Participants in the Oakley Rookie Challenge.

Air & Style Jump

Here's a shot of building the Air & Style jump. It's the biggest, most amazing man-made snowboard jump in the world.

Marinated Chicken

Mmm... marinated chicken feet. So tasty.

Inside the Qiao Bo Indoor Ski Resort.

Shaun popping a backside 180 inside the Qiao Bo Indoor Ski Resort.


Check out this video report from the event: