Great day on the Mountain Village side of the mountain. Nice new snow. The terrain park under Ute Park Express (11) is in great condition. Even though there is no rails you still can still get a ton of air. In the morning nothing really happened to mu group. But something happened to me. Ok, so it was lightly snowing this morning but it was freezing. I wanted to warm my hands up so I stopped at the warming hut at the top of Prospect Bowl Express (12). As I waited for my group I was getting dissy and nausios. Luckily it was only altitude sickness. But I was worried for a second. Nothing happened trough lunch. We ate our lunch at the base of Village Express (4) at Tracks. I highly recoment their Pepperoni Sub. Nothing happened for the rest of the time except for the end when my little brother was trying to stop and fell. He was hurting but it was nothing serious. And that is what happened on my skiing day in Telluride on 12/20.