With the forecast predicting that Mother Nature is going to bless us with some powder soon, it's time to get ready. Despite the anxiousness to be on snow, the truth is many skiers and riders forget to properly prepare for the season ahead by getting back in shape before they hit the slopes. This can lead to unncessary injury and a short season in the long run.
Fitness experts Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle, co-founders of Ultimate Bootcamp, have compiled some easy-to-follow and effective exercises to help skiers and riders improve their balance, stability and leg strength. So grab your sweats, fire up the laptop and use this calm before the storm, so that once the snow arrives you'll be unstoppable.
Balance and Stability
Workout highlights:
- Single Leg Kicks
- Single Leg Deadlift to Knee Hug
- Skater Jumps
- Bird Dogs
Leg Strength
Workout highlights:
- Squats
- Sumo Squats
- Box Jumps
- Alternating Lunges
- Lunges Around the World
- Ski Jumps

Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle are the co-founders of Ultimate Bootcamp, which runs bootcamp-style conditioning classes throughout Greater Boston and Metrowest Massachusetts. Using strength training techniques, stability exercises and endurance building cardio drills, Ultimate Bootcamp gets people in shape for skiing, snowboarding and anything else life throws their way. New boot camp programs begin every four weeks.
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