Skiers and riders are cruising up the hill at [R113R, Copper Mountain], thanks to the new Union Creek High Speed Quad. It’s a six-minute ride now, which is about half the time that it used to take on old Highpoint Lift which faithfully served Copper since 1976.

Chris Runyon with Copper said, “We were sad to see the old one go but the new one is really nice and it improves the guest experience like no other. Everyone was cheerful that they were finally up in the air and getting up the hill faster.”

The new lift helps circulate skiers and riders in and out of the base area better. The base of the lift moved west of its original position so it gives a little bit more space at the bottom, separating the Union Creek from the Kokomo lift, and the Union Creek cafeteria.

Runyon says it also helps separate the beginners from the terrain park enthusiasts: “Sometimes it is intimidating for beginners to have people whip by at speeds they’re not comfortable at going yet.” He adds that people love the green runs there, too.

Reducing ride time helps as well. “We cut the time in half which is really important, taking twice as many people up on the hill, twice as fast,” added Runyon.

The patio area at Union Creek cafeteria has increased too. “We also have heated steps so no one will slip and fall on those icy days.”

West Village Union Creek

Photo of West Village base area. Courtesy Copper Mountain.

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