The Ski Area Citizens Coalition (SACC) recently released their 2011 Ski Area Report Card that evaluates the environmental policies and practices of ski resorts in the United States. This year's findings were a mix of good and bad according to SACC.

"The good news is that ski areas for the second year in a row had minimal increased impacts to endangered species and wetlands on public lands," SACC Director Paul Joyce said. "This is great news for wildlife and the health of our watersheds."

Alternatively, ski areas invested less in renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency measures in 2011 compared to previous years.

"In previous years we have seen ski areas concentrating on energy efficiency through upgrading windows, employing solar power and improving public transportation," SACC Research Director Warren Rider said. "But that increased investment was not as evident over the past year. It is unfortunate that current economic conditions may have led to the scaling back of environmental upgrades that help reduce green house gas emissions."

Finally, in response to the Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act, SACC announced that next year's report card will expand to scrutinize summer activity expansion at ski resorts more closely.

Now to the rankings...


1. [R419R, Squaw Valley USA], 92.1%

2. [R25R, Aspen Highlands Ski Resort], 88.1%

3. [R129R, Deer Valley Resort], 87.8%

4. [R314R, Park City Mountain Resort], 87%

5. [R5R, Alpine Meadows Ski Area], 86.9%

6. [R25R, Aspen Mountain Ski Resort], 85.7%

7. [R25R, Buttermilk Mountain Ski Resort], 85.2%

8. [R427R, Stevens Pass Ski Area], 83.6%

9. [R442R, Sundance Resort], 82.2%

10. [R432R, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort], 81.7%


1. [R247R, Montana Snowbowl], 47.4%

2. [R77R, Breckenridge Ski Resort], 50.1%

3. [R454R, Taos Ski Valley], 55.5%

4. [R21R, Arizona Snowbowl], 56.3%

5. [R179R, Homewood Mountain Resort], 56.5%

6. [R494R, White Pass Ski Area], 58.3%

7. [R413R, Solitude Mountain Resort], 58.3%

8. [R87R, Brundage Mountain Resort], 60.8%

9. [R209R, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort], 60.9%

10. [R80R, Brian Head Resort], 61.3%

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