It’s been a mixed bag of weather patterns across the Midwest recently, which has allowed some ski areas to open for the season while others wait for snow and temperatures cold enough to make snow. The western Great Lakes have seen more cold and snow than the eastern Great Lakes.


[R500R, Wild Mountain Ski & Snowboard Area], near the Twin Cities opened for skiing on Halloween, and [R370R, Ski Brule] in Michigan’s UP and [R481R, Tyrol Basin] and [R338R, Granite Peak Ski Area] in Wisconsin opened in November. Wild is the only Heartland ski area that is currently fully open. 


Ski areas in Ohio recently received sustained cold temperatures to start snowmaking operations. [R223R, Mad River Mountain] and [R401R, Snow Trails] hope to open for the season on Dec. 16 and [R69R, Boston Mills] and [R75R, Brandywine] are planning to open Dec. 17—weather permitting.  


[R318R, Perfect North Slopes] in southern Indiana hopes to open this weekend and has started making snow. [R313R, Paoli Peaks], between Indianapolis and Louisville, has made no announcement, but normally doesn’t plan on opening before mid-December. 


Missouri’s two ski areas, [R172R, Hidden Valley Ski Area] and [R1470R, Snow Creek] plan on opening next weekend, Dec. 17.


Ski areas along the Illinois/Iowa border, like [R107R, Chestnut Mountain] and [R444R, Sundown Mountain] are opening this weekend, and just about all ski areas in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin have either already opened with limited terrain or plan to open this weekend. Temperatures this week have cooled off enough to allow for some serious snowmaking.